Friday, April 3, 2009

Who is next – the commissioners?

Jack Mrisho

I gather that some regional commissioners (Legino) and area commissioners (kibosile) are presently shaking in their boots. Their fear? Jack Mrisho might bring in new blood. Ridiculous!

But what did they expect? You cannot be legino or kibosile or ambassador forever! When guys are appointed into posts they celebrate. When they are overpassed or over looked they start conspiracy theories. Very childish, if you ask me.

Ambassadors have been given a two four year term. All those who have stayed abroad in more than ten years should be brought back home. They are not sultans – they are ambassadors.

There are some guys manning our foreign missions whom we hardly know. Most are fakes, or they become fakes, and the missions becomes a personal fiefdoms. They put their wives and relatives as paid embassy staff. We just have to fight that.

I remember this story about one ambassador who stayed abroad forever. When ‘forever ended he was brought back home. That was a shock.

But the real shock came when his kid asked to go to the loo in the village. When her mum took the kid to do the big jobs and lowered baby to a hole in the ground which villagers call the toilet, the kid yelped with terror.

Still, you wonder why Jack Mrisho allowed tonnes of ambassadors to stay abroad forever while the ministry was in his watch.

It’s all about the eating business. People seem not to be aware of such a surprise. Eight years seems an eternity – its not. We have to change. We have to accept biology. You start to die from the moment you are conceived.

Of course we will have new regional and district governors. Most of then will be rewarded for ‘behaving well’ during the prez’s campaigns.

The prez will do well not to dump political failures into regions as regional commissioners, as has be the practice all along. They loose elections within CCM, they are rejected by their own people and end up being rewarded to be regional governors. It is very offensive to the wananchi. It looks like you are thumbing your nose at them. Mtanifanya nini?

If there some buddies and political failures he wants to give food (ulaji) then he should send them as ambassadors to Outer Mongolia or the North Pole and not to have them flaunt their torsos in Bongo for being the ‘friends’ of the prez.

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