Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nana in iringa talks

Hi Lusekelo,
I am Nnala K. Mwakanyamale currently residing in Iringa town. I got an opportunity to read your article published in DAILY NEWS Wednesday, April 22, 2009 page 4. The heading of your short article goes this way,"When Imagination Run High".
I think reps from Tanzania Island have something in their minds far too than imaginations. When you talk about oil rich countries, it comes to mind that you are talkining about wealth. This is to say, you simply talk about rich countries. Crude oil is liquid, this is to say it is easily converted into monies given the importance attached to it. Besides, crude oil cannot be compred to food stuffs like mchicha, and social practices like marriege. Ofcourse, you can get married to a nigerian woman without benefiting from their crude oil reserves present in their country.
Actually, I have not ready the Muungano treaty and I do not know what it includes and excludes when it comes to the use of resources discovered or present from the other side. What I see, read and here is that there are potential problems regarding Muungano and there are no deliberate efforts to solve them. This can be one of the reason why, some Island reps start pulling out the Muungano pot when valuable assets like crude oil is being discovered on their side. I think they are trying to use loopholes present in the Muungano treaty, this is just my opinion.
Another reason from my own perspective is; Muungano was set to carter for joint benefit, I mean both Tanganyika and Zanzibar to win from it. This is to say, people from Tanganyika and Zanzibar had such expectation at the time their leaders signed the treaty. Mind you, planned course of action is not necessarily what is implemented. I think, especially people from Tanzania island are fade up by the Muungano implimentation given they are not opportunists and greedy.
Nnala Mwakanyamale.


Anonymous said...


It seems both Lusekelo and Nnala are missing the point when it comes to "Suala la Mafuta" Zanzibar.

The Zenji reps know deep in their hearts that there is nothing they can do to stop Bara from drilling oil if it happens that there is some in Zanzibar.

The issue here is the next year election. For example minister Mansoor has no constituency in Zanzibar. He was appointed by Karume. Mansoor knows that in order to get a constituency in Zanzibar people need to see you doing something for them.The economic situation in Zanzibar has been giving some Zanzibaris a false hope that oil will make them prosper. The majority of the Zanzibariz are not aware of the Union treaties and the impossibility of Zanzibar having their way when it comes to oil. This people are lead to believe that their leaders are gonna fight to make sure that "oil revenue" stays in Zanzibar.Poor fellow wazenji!
If Zanzibar has the power to control revenue then they would not have allowed TRA to take all the money which is collected in Zanzibar ports. The reps can not anything.Whether we like or not, there is nothing we can do.
The mainland people have all the power when it comes to decisions on Zanzibar. Why can we join IOC after all the noises?

So basically the reps in Zanzibar have an election 2010 agenda. They know that if they become outspoken on this issue, they will easily pass the opinion polls in the constituencies and then win the election.

This is what is behind "suala la mafuta" people!

Masalakulangwa said...

Nana, it does not necessarily follow. There so many countries with crude oil but cannot be called rich. Nigeria, Angola, Gabon, sudan, Venezuela just to name some. If becoming rich is what this membera of the house are dreaming about, then Mwalafyale is right because their are just wishes.