Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Milipuko jeshini

Bombs explode in Dar!
This noon my buddy and I sat sipping ginger tea when we heard a loud explosion.
“Must be the rains on their way out.” I observed as I reached out for a kitumbua.
My friend phone rang and he became all excited. “Adam a bomb!”
“Yeah! Yeah!.” Said I still feeling groggy from late night attentions, “If a bomb exploded then it must be by none other than Reggie Mengi of IPP. He is the one who has been exploding bombs – political bombs. Last week government minister Sophia Simba has been making noises to ban people from exploding political bombs…”
“No man. This is for real! Bombs have exploded at Mbagala. It could be a revolution…” he guys blurted, obviously confused.
“Nonsense. Mbagala has a ammo dump and ammo dumps tend to explode once you treat them carelessly.” I told my excited friend.

Indeed. I hoped that no one got hurt. In Bongo we have no civil defense units. People are not even told that such areas are no-go areas. But most people, and vibakas, love disaster. They usually go there to rob other nosey people.

Terrorist love such a scenario. You explode a small bomb and let the curious, nosey ones and vibakas gather there to ‘see’. That is when the terrorists explode the real big bomb and you have carnage amongst you. God forbid!

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