Monday, April 27, 2009

Polisi jangili

Cop caught poaching
A lowly corporal commanding the Loksale section in Monduli District, in Arusha Region last week decided to emulate Tanzanian leaders by ‘eating’ from his office. The corporal was caught poaching.

The corporal with an apt name of Amani, decided to wreak violence to the wildlife in his area. He was caught with three dead giraffes with a fellow poacher, the Loksale primary schoolteacher, one Amiru.

Wildlife officials caught the duo in a vehicle laden with the dead giraffes. They had with then two sub-machine guns, property of the police department.
He will face a court martial.

One can imagine in his defense, Corporal Amani chuckling and say: “But I was planning to sell meat from two giraffes. What about those big shots in Dar who stole $11 billion as tax exemptions from Tanzanians?”

Last week former finance minister, Basil Mramba told a Dar court that the tax exemption granted to an international gold production audit firm, which caused the country a loss of $11 million, was authorized by the Mkapa administration.

Mramba admitted that he signed the notice in favour of Alex Stewart (assayers) Government Business Corporation, but said it was on instruction from State House.

Sweet, just sweet! School kids sitting on floors, no books, no teachers, babies born on floors of local dispensaries and you give tax-exemption of $11 million!

The verdict is clear here. Corporal Amani and his fellow poacher should be given life behind bars for his crimes. On the other hand State House honchos should be given medals for exemplary service to our economy. Forgiving filthy rich wazungus from paying tones of money to the Tanzanian treasury!

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