Monday, April 20, 2009



Strange world. While we are worrying about hunger in East Africa, the people in the West are worrying about too much food. They have too much to eat. Too fat the gyms are making a killing while trying to reduce fat torsos.

Their mouths go to overdrive everywhere. Munch, chomp, chew! But they have large middle-classes, which mean food manufacturers pay attention to them.

So you get diet things - coke, yoghurt and chocolate and I think diet friends. They spend most of their times not eating than eating! They guys practically dig their graves with their teeth!

The wazungus are very picky eaters. I remember once the media said that fruit was good for you and everyone descended on fruit. Then someone talked about mad-cow diseases and the sale of beef crashed.

Now we have the scare of bird flu. The thing is a deadly killer. Several
people have been killed by the stuff – but hardly a tsunami number.

Some migrating birds from Europe are coming to Africa and if we don’t watch out they will infect out kukus and maybe kill most of us.

Well, I don’t know. If a guy got hold of his amore and offered her a charcoal grilled chicken. Will the bint say no?

Check the scenario. Some guy offers things to impress his mpenzi: “Hi baby, how about some grilled kuku and a lovely, drink. How does that sound?”

Ideally it would be: “Oh no! There is a danger of bird flu pandemic all over the world, you want to kill me or something?” she would scream and the guy will feel bad that he was planning to kill his woman.

But let’s be realistic. Here is a guy in Bongo, he has got his ‘pay’ from some exploiting company, then he goes to meet his baby: “Hi baby, how about a grilled chicken and a cold drink.”

She will hug him and say: “Oh you sexy man! How romantic you are! Throw in a couple of grilled bananas, to be washed down with a glass of chilled white wine.”

These things are a little exaggerated I think. Yes, there is HIV/AIDS. Education for the people will help tremendously. Education on the cheap, not seminars by people trying to be intelligent about it.

Bongo is ill-equipped to fight AIDS, and bird flu and even hunger. God loves Bongo. As a sage once said, when in dire straits always say – it could have been worse.

Now ask your lady or guy whether they would like grilled chicken and tell me if they will say no.

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