Friday, April 3, 2009


Njaguzzz busy at work

Who will police the police?

I don’t agree that all cops are a bunch of crooks, no sir. I know some brilliant policemen in Bongo. The thing is they professionally do their jobs, only to get mega- frustrated by the senior cops. “Leave that case, and that’s an order!”

It happens in almost in all strata of government and the armed forces. Leave that case alone, big would say. Kill that story, the newspaper big would order.

I hear, when minister for public security, Brazza Baker Mwapachu asked names of crooked police officers he was handed over the list twenty senior police – in short the police food chain.

Brazza Baker winced and and promptly ‘sat’ on the list. Trouble is –where do you start? With small dagaa, of course and leave the whale sharks alone.

By the way has anybody noticed the gargantuan size of our top cops from regional police commander and up? Has it got to do with ‘eating’?
Just asking. Though a friend once said curiosity killed the Tanzanian cat.

The prez has said that he has the names of those who chop in the government. But he said he will give them time to change their evil ways.

I don’t know about that. Can you teach old thieving dogs new tricks? Not easy. Besides, he might find the rot so extensive it may mean firing his own government. So he throw up his arms in despair and decides to let fat thieving sleeping dogs lie. Kula huku, we acha tu!

As his counterpart, down south (Read:Malawi) Bingu wa Mutharika discovered the rot was so extensive, that he had to abandon ship and start his own party. Can he open the can of worms?

But Jack Mrisho will want to vigorously fight the rot to prevent his country from sliding into a third rate, sorry, third world cassava republic. Not an easy job.

As I said earlier there are good Tanzanians out there ready to work hard. They are being frustrated by those nameless, faceless, colourless rotten apples whose qualification is to grovel to the political elite

Bongolese must now to try to start a system based on merit, not shameless cronyism. Someone is tapped to be ambassador to some foreign country.

He goes on to hire wife,in-laws (most of them out-laws) to work in the embassy on government pay! Othear hire literally their entire home villages on government payroll. And nothing happens.

Eti because this dum dum is a friend of the prez. He in fact becomes the unelected co-president. I think,with such behaviour we will continue to be called the cassava republic of Bongo!

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