Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The ‘enzi za Mwalimu’ factor
In human conflict when one part is loosing men more than they can recruit into the ranks, they usually increase the conscription age. Men as old and in their fifties are pressed into armed service. It is called dad’s army. There is an emergency on and you need every hand to help.

It seems the ruling CCM is crisis and they have recruited a dad’s army to help out. Five veteran CCM leaders, headed by former CCM chairman for Dodoma, Mzee Pancras Ndejembi on Sunday strongly reprimanded CCM dogodogos to stop even thinking of challenging the Prez, Jack Mrisho for the re-election of the presidency come 2010.

According to this dad’s army everything is squeaky clean within the CCM. The wazee also told the young guys (dogodogo) to stop pointing fingers and recoil from the stink within the CCM. In short the dogodogo should wear smiles while facing the stench. In the days of dad’s army ‘enzi za Mwalimu’ everything was okay. Dad’s army also roundly condemned rebuke fellow party members for attacking scandal-plagued politicians.

Quite. But dad’s army should know that in the days of Mwalimu, party members did not steal public monies like there is no tomorrow as it is now. And, worse, there seems to be no punishment, but a tarting up of the whole farce! You just cannot spray perfume on rot. The stench of rot will always seep through.

In our cultures younger Africans usually don’t speak back to the older members of society, however much they have goofed. But now it seems the younger members have decided not to take such blamed sitting down. One of the dogodogos in the CCM, Fred Pendanzoe has decided to break the law of ‘omerta’ – the mafia’s law of silence.

The Kishapu legislator has what most people want to hear. He has called for the purging of the ruling party and cadres implicated in various recent corruption scandals, as part of a wider crackdown on high-level graft in the country.

I doubt if the dad’s army will find those words very romantic and sexy. The veteran leaders have waved warning fingers on ruling party MPs who have developed tendency to publicly speak out against prominent CCM public leaders facing serious sleaze allegations.

“My fellow countrymen, I urge you to unite in this fight against corruption. We have nothing to lose, except our poverty,” said Mpendazoe.
“Just a few Tanzanians are enjoying the wealth of this nation,” he added and in the process divulging a state secret!

He emphasized that CCM leaders plagued by sleaze allegations should be kicked out of the ruling party’s ranks, for the good of the party itself.

Mpendazoe further warned that the government could face a public backlash of unanticipated proportions if political heavyweights behind the infamous Kagoda Agriculture Limited company are allowed to go scot-free for their prominent role in the Bank of Tanzania external payment arrears (EPA) looting scandal.


Anonymous said...

Well done Adam these old geezers are very late in their yawn, actually they bore.
It is surprising to note that they have not mentioned Kagoda,EPA or BOT.They seem to be living in a land of alfu lela ulela!

jonnydrama said...

I hate to see people still praise nyerere .cant you guys wake up and see that mwalimu was a dictator .nobody didnt wanna say anything when he was on power .you know why because people were scared.the corruption were there during nyerere days because of his stupid believe of bloody socialism .when british left the country wasnt poor .but as soon he took over he put us on hunger.he was winning election everytime with a fake votes .99% come on give me a break .on mwalimu days the people who owns nice car and houses were only cabinet ministers .but look now everyone can have anything they want with the hardworking.we didnt have no food on the shops.then guess what he knew he failed and step down .when mwinyi was on power he changed everything free of trade that was way of starting to building the country .now look at the country now.you can have anything you want.its about time someone to come foward and say MWALIMU was wrong with his ideology.I remember anyone who oppose his idea then he made them disappear.he had a couples of houses one of them in msasani.he used the goverment money for that while people are suffering .so actually the corruption started by him .and he was so greedy started to go every region to say goodbye but it wasnt that .it was more money from tax payer .oh god how studid we were

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is the kind of comments that the Great Adam wants! Poor Adam! Your blog is the greatest of all! Keep going booooy!