Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does Zenj want the sultan back?

With such a question, a guy could easily be lynched by the people, mostly black, in Zanzibar who suffered terribly under the Arab sultanate, which was toppled in a bloody Revolution in 1964. 

But events over the last two decades make one wonder: are Zanzibaris secretly in love with sultanate rule and want something like it it back? This is a valid question I am asking because of the behaviour of some of the rulers in Zenj. 

Former president Salmin Amour reigned over Zenj for ten years as stipulated by the constitution of the country. Then, something happened. He wanted to continue to reign over Zenj for a third, and presumably fourth term or forever! 

We, Tanzanians, really don't know what happened. It could have been with the advice of Mama watoto -- the Honourable First Lady. It is not funny! Look at Mzee Bob Mugabe. Do you think he really wants to rule that unfortunate country? Hamna! It must be his ka-chick, Grace, who is urging him to stay on. Zimbabweans call her Amazing Grace. Mzee is only 44 years older than ka-chick, Grace. 

You've heard that before -- women are the power behind and below the throne. You know when a sultry chick, called First Lady, is pinching an imaginable presidential pimple on your face and whispering that the masses of your country adore you, a guy might end up believing it, even if in reality, the mass would love to barbecue you for breakfast. 

Anyway, back to the nostalgia for the sultanate in Zenj. Anyway, Bwana Mkubwa Salmin Amour did not succeed to turn himself into a sultan. People rejoiced and everyone went about their businesses. 

Ten years later and another Zanzibar ruler, His Excellency Amani Abeid Karume, is getting a jolt of nostalgia. Now he wants to be the sultan of Zanzibar.My spooks in Zenj say that the Zanzibar chief has been feting party and government leaders for the 45th Anniversary of the Revolution so that they ignore the Constitution and go ahead for the third term come next year. 

The spooks don't know where that thought came from. I know men think that they are powerful. But women know that they are powerful! There is talk that some elders have asked the big boss to continue ruling Zanzibar as 'sultan'. 

Of course the elders would support that; they are in the boss's gravy train. They want to continue eating the 'urojo'. But if there is anything to learn in history, such are the people to watch. When the ides of March come, those guys will drive a dagger into your gut with a smile, twisting it with unmistakable mirth. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies even closer! Wapambe nuksi. 

You see if the people of Zenj wanted modern day sultans they could simply call back, the guy they kicked out back in 1964. Such arrogance as: The country needs me! I am serving my people! All are a load of nonsense. Tanzania will survive long after we are all gone and none of us should claim invincibility. 

Shakespeare rightly said the world is a stage; we come, do our gig, and then bow our adieus. No one should bore us by staying forever on the stage. It is two five-year terms in office and then, curtains! 

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