Friday, April 3, 2009


TANESCO spoils a romantic evening

I was with a few relatively well-off lads and some chicks, having a lovely time. TANESCO had forced us to have a romantic evening. Its pitch dark.

This was after spending the day creatively – reading, not listening to crap on radio and telly. Even the people become quiet as they re-discover the forgotten art of conversation.

hy? There was no power,of course. So we opted for a candle-lit dinner. A barbecue. Red wine flowed. Sizzling goat meat teased noses. No noises. Only voices of humans getting lower and lower. It’s fun to see humans courting.

It’s fun to watch human being at it. You wonder what they are lying to each other about. But you can also observe skirts getting shorter. Hands all agrip. Or is it the wine?

Then all hell breaks lose. The lights come on forcing everybody to adopt ’normal’ positions. Skirts are hastily lowered and hands retreated from,er, naughty areas.

“What is this? Why are we being harassed like this? How can TANESCO just swutch on power like that? This is oppression of the wananchi!” yells a youngish lad.

“But the power is back. Haven’t you heard of power-shedding?” I try to be helpful.

“Yeah! But they just cannot switch on power when I was about to be kissed by my lady! Now I will have to start all over again. It’s just not
fair! Someone should shoot TANESCO, and I mean now!” he screamed.

“I will be careful with the shoot word. You might have the entire Tanzania police force here in a minute. They are quite edgy these days.”

“But sir, I feel very strongly about this. I think we should have 24-hour power cuts. Some of us want wives, you know. If we have darkness for 24 to 48 hours, I personally will march to support the government. The young guy said. His girl was also breathing venom, after their ‘proceedings’ were rudely stopped by TANESCO. But I calmed them down. I will send the electrical company the bill for calming down some romantic couples.
If we have a 24 hour power cut we could face a baby boom later in the year. A population explosion. Now that will be another problem!


Anonymous said...

I always ask myself; what does TANESCO do in Tanzania? What they know is only "mgao" and billing people for what they have not spent!!! I think it's time for them to go... I don't where but somewhere so that wananchi can get "ahueni".

Anonymous said...

Hawa TANESCO wajinga sana, hawajui kwamba wako pale ajili ya wateja wao? Iwapo asilimia kubwa ya wateja wakitumia solar power hawa TANESCO watakuwepo kweli kazini?
Mwaka 2002 niliamua kuuza eneo dogo la shamba langu huko Chanika na pesa niliyopata nikaitumia kuweka solar power nyumbani kwangu. Kusema ukweli nime-save pesa nyingi sana hasa sie wenye familia kubwa kwenye kupika na ukizingatia bei ya gunia la mkaa Dar lilivyo bei kubwa.

james said...

lakini ndugu Adamu mbona unajidai na blog yako. Hujui kiswahili? namna hii watasoma waliosoma tu....