Monday, April 27, 2009

Veve penda mimi?

Tanzanian mwins Miss India contest

In a brilliant display of Indo-Tanzania cooperation Miss India was chosen in Dar es Salaam last week-end. Most Tanzanians leapt with joy when Miss Sunitra Prakash was chosen as Miss India for the next 12 years.

A Tanzanian source said Bongo has learnt a lot from India. “We have learnt that when we have to have these beauty contests we have to have certain categories. They have to be light skinned, and have nothing from shoulders up. If we can’t get those types in Tanzania then we will borrow some beauties from India.” He said.

He said that plans are afoot to take a dozen Tanzanian girls, with nothing from shoulders up, to go and train in India on how to look like Miss Tanzania. They should also know how to eat curry.

The Miss India event in Dar was seated with an all Tanzanian judge panel. They were Mr Tandoori Chakarbourty, Mr Amitabh Naan, Mr Bipin Suresh, Mr Pratap Singh Dhillon, Miss Muntaz Lawalawa and Mr Gutkha Tambuu. Also present was the contest organiser Miss Hashim Lundeng…sorry Mr Hashim, who has been the kingpin in organising the annual contest.

Others were Mr Bipin Daal Bajia who has a tight eye for good looking girls, Mr Bateta Wada and Miss Tikka Mushkaki who is an expert in beauty contests.

As the Miss India contestants displayed their curves soothing tunes by Jagjit and Chitra Singh were played, to the delight of the audience whose majority was African. One known Catholic worshipper intimated to this columnist that he would convert to Hinduism. “I have never been so touched by the ghazals of Jagjit and Chitra Singh.”

Sources in the ministry of fun, said that they are seriously thinking of organising the Miss India contest on a weekly basis. They said they will soon contact their minister to see the possibly of organising the event at State House. This will also boost the prestige of the nation. The nation will then look nice and pretty.

Ministry for fun officials also intimated that they will ask deputy minister Joe Bendera to teach the contestants how to play football. “The idea is to make them multi-talented. One minute they will be wriggling their arses and the next they will be playing football.” Said a source.

After her win Miss Sunitra Prakash was asked how she felt to win millions and become the new Miss India in Tanzania. “Ane, Ve in India like the pally
pally relations viz Tanjanya.” She said – a thing which caused a standing ovation.

Asked what makes two and two, she thought for awhile, “Ane, you know vee in India do sums like dat. Ve in India ask like dis, two two make vat? I say four. Sawa? You understand? Umeshalewa?”

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