Wednesday, April 22, 2009

muluzi factor

Mubaraka welcomes Muluzi in Cairo, then

Et tu Bakili Muluzi?
Malawi’s former ruler, Bakili Muluzi has been charged with multiple counts of corruption, which is a polite way of saying stealing. 

He has allegedly pinched $12 million of his own people’s money. I hear he did this by fiddling and pocketing the dosh through the United Republic of Tanzania.
Muluzi, who was arrested last week by Malawian agents of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), has been charged with 42 counts of corruption, theft and breach of trust. ACB Director, Gustave Kaliwo Mr Muluzi allegedly stole another $50,000 which the Malawi government sent to its high commission in Dar es Salaam. Just like that!
There should be some complicity on the Tanzania and knowing how greedy we can be, with no compunction all.
The $12 million were donor funds. The moneys from Taiwan, Morocco, Libya and Rwanda, were meant for development projects.
First I give a nod of approval to the ACB and it’s agents. Muluzi is a rich man, he might have made the agents, er, see reason by giving out back-handers to agents. Of course compared to our agents in Tanzania Anti-Corruption ours are (ZZZZzzzzzz!).
Malawi has been suffering a crippling famine. Women have been selling their own children so that they can buy food for the rest of the children food.
And someone steals $12 million, and puts the money snugly in his account. One would hope Mr Muluzi is found innocent. 

But if found guilty for such nefarious deeds, he should be thrown in the lam for a long time It should not be like Bongo, where big time theft is rewarded handsomely.
We once were told to offer 'proof’ that some guys stole, while everybody knew, that the ruler and his hangers-on were doing some stealing in money or favour. But things are changing now.
So when you see some of our rulers, all teeth, shaking hands and looking at the cameras, you should look at the other side. They are calculating on how to raid their countries’ treasuries. 

But they should now start looking over their shoulders. Their former empire, where people once worshipped them and their families, will strike back. 

In fact it’s very past time to strike back. Just who do they think they are?

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