Tuesday, April 7, 2009

for sale: bongo

Selling their own mothers

The country is awash with horror stories about astonishing human greed. But it seems that what we've seen is a just a tip of an ice-berg. It seems to befall Tanzanians who suddenly found themselves in positions of unbridled power. They have caught this disease of doing anything they want anytime. 

The contagion is now spreading even to the wananchi. Villagers in Ndumbai Village in Mkinga District in Tanga have just been caught trying to sell off an island off the Indian Ocean, to that modern thief, euphemistically called 'an investor' without authority of the ministry concerned with lands. 

You can see it clearly that those greedy village drunks were approached by this 'investor' who wanted to construct a modern tourist hotel on the island, which borders Kenya . The poor ignorant fellows wanted to sell chunks of their own country, thinking that it will improve their lives. Beerwise, that is. 

You can see it clearly that this modern day Karl Peters was just a front for some hotel chain. That German thug Karl Peters was a front for the German government to come and buy some parts of the then Tanganyika and offer 'protection' in the 1880. 

The thugs went to the chiefs in Morogoro and Dar es Salaam, made them sign some documents (using their thumbs as signature, of course). Before you could say 'kaput' they had signed the country away and it was called Deustche Ostafrika. Tanganyika became German East Africa, The Wazungu formalised their parceling away of Africa in the Berlin Conference in 1885. 

In short, they stole our lands. The story has been major exploitation eversince.When Africans started to die and grumbled to die in an essentially European tribal wars (World War 1 and 11) the wazungus changed style. They gave us independence. Chose a fellow black man for us and own flag and national anthem. 

The shiny black ruler was worse. He decided to single-handedly own the entire country. He terrorised and killed his own people except his ethnic group who he promoted every morning. This has happened in East Africa and most parts of the continent for decades. The African ruler was as smooth as Mzee Bob Mugabe who is presently teaching his people how to vote intelligently. 

The wazungus had lied very doggo while the flag and national anthem rulers ran the show. Except in areas like our neighbours up north, Gabon , Cameroon , Comoros , you name it. The mzungu is supreme. The jails are for Waswahili and the four-wheel drive vehicles are for wazungus. Watch how a Mswahili clowns when he or she is next to a Mzungu and you get a rough idea. 

Today the Mzungu is coming back big. When the Karl Peters gang came to Tanganyika they plied those dum dum chiefs with cheap whisky and a couple of Frankfurter sausages. The chiefs went mad and signed the country away. 

So history has seen that happen. History is now repeating itself. Today's Karl Peters are guys the politicians like to flag off as 'investors'. I will be honest -- to me most of them are just a bunch of crooks. I don't know where we get this nonsensical belief that there are some guys out there in the world who love us very much. The guys also have containers full of US dollars which they want to give to Tanzania ! 

Utter nonsense, that. But that is what I hear is happening all around us. I hear the 'investors' are parceling chunks of our country. The totos of the fools who are signing away our country will have no place to go except come to the town, and everybody knows that we can't handle that pressure. 

I think the ministry of lands has something to tell Tanzanians about our lands. In Zanzibar, the entire East coast has been parcelled off by the mafia who build ocean beach resorts. 
I don't know how long they have leased the lands to -- 99 years? Forever? Of course no native is allowed in those areas. They are for tourists. Locals can never be tourists! 

Rr-r-r-ring! She wants you to add some money into her phone account. And you can be sure that she would not phone you, but ring another punk with whom you share her pleasures. Another call. The landlord wants the rent for six months. Is ‘dari’ (meaning darling) going to pay? Then, let another ring from ‘dari’. Her mother is sick, she wants to transport her from her village in Mpanda District. Will ‘dari’ help? 

R-r-r-r-ring! She now wants a Rav4. She has seen a very good one at the showroom in town and if the sucker really loves her he will buy her one. Believe it or not, the male suckers are aplenty. They buy those toys. I hear one Fisadi type has made it a point of buying his harem of chicks a red Mercedes Benz each. 

One day another call comes. Now she is tired of paying rent. She wants her own house. You have been paying her rent and now she wants you to build her a bloody house! But then, somewhere in the world there is a sucker born every minute. Men gladly do those things in the name of love. The guys must be mega dumb to do that. Ever heard of a chick buying a guy a phone? Paying rent or her dude? Buying him a car? Building him a house? That will be the day! 


Anonymous said...

You are so right, mnyambala. These thugs (wazungu) are coming back with full speed, and our leaders are so dumb by calling them foreign investors. And I oppose this so called 'dual nationality' because some thugs from Europe and America will use that tactic to marry Tanzanians and steal our land, leave Tanzanians (wazawa) with no where to live.


Anonymous said...

Correction Adam, the suckers don't do all that in the name of love! It is lust nd sheer stupidity of course...

Anonymous said...

Wewe Anyunywisye Mwakyusa, dual nationality is a must. Even if you don't want it, a million and a half Tanzanians already have dual or triple nationality. Itakuwa ni kujidanganya tu.

Kuhusu nchi kuchukuliwa, wacha wenye nguvu na akili wafanye kazi zao na kunifaika. Our grand fathers were clever than us. To show that they didn't like foreign rule, they took arms and fought. Or at least they protested in a certain form, like Majimaji war etc.

In our generation, we think that to know what is going on is a really really big thing. Pointing out an issue is not a big deal, everyone can do that. Bwana Lusekelo, if we see the so called foreign investors being encouraged to come to our country, pick our land and other resources while we stand by the side looking on, who is to blame? In this case I would liken SISIEEM with those chiefs who have been given 'sosejiizz!' from YUROOPU!

The warriors decided to fight both the puppets and the colonials. Currently there is a need to fight both SISIEEM and whom they decided to call 'wawekezaji' just to bluff the poor Tanzanians. In my opinion, the ballot box will never liberate Tanzanians. Ni upuuzi mtupu. Inabidi atokee kamanda mmoja na kuwaongoza wananchi katika mapambano dhidi ya udhalimu uliokithiri hadi kuikomboa nchi kutoka kwa wadhalimu na mafisadi na kisha kupatikana uhuru wa kweli.

Nina imani kubwa kuwa mapambano yakianza yataungwa mkono na watu wengi tu. Wananchi wamekata tamaa Wanasubiri siku ya kufa, basi. Every effort that the poor Tanzanians are making to improve and sustain their lives are met by a number of stumbling blocks (see the recent DECI saga). Those guys in power want to enjoy by themselves, and their families!

What is left for Tanzanians is only to choose how they wanna die! Heheee, you have to choose to either die ob your bed? no under the tree due to hunger, or you wanna die fighting with the hope that upon victory you and the rest of your country population will be living a decent life!Mwisho, bwana Adam, Anza kupablisaizi blogu yako, naona mahudhurio si mazuri! Changanya lugha pia ili kuongeza uwigo wa ushiriki!