Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nyama choma

plenty of nyama choma around

Eat nyama choma. That’s an order!
I frankly find it very hilarious. The Opposition in parliament has blamed the government for failing to enlighten the people on the benefits of eating nyama choma, beer and eggs for good health. 
At a show in Dodoma the opposition has also blamed the government for not forcing Bongo people to drink milk which is in abundance in the country.
Shadow Minister Mwadini Abbas Jecha who is MP for Wete (CUF) told the MPs that meat-eating, especially nyama choma, has always been down in the country. 

I take it that Hon. Jecha was trying to be funny. If it was that, then hats off to the mheshimiwa.
Armed with statistics, the shadow minister said on the average the people of Bongo eat only 12 kilos of meat 54 eggs and drink only 30 litres of milk, while every Kenyan chops 20 kilos of meat, 300 eggs sand guzzles at least 70 litres of milk per year.
The shadow minister said that people of Bongo should eat at least 50 kilos of meat, 300 eggs and 200 litres of milk a year. 

The mwashimiwa should be politely reminded that kind of talk borders on the ludicrous. It’s not that you have to present your good looks to get free meat, eggs and milk. 

You bloody have to buy the stuff!
You have to pay with good, old cold dosh. You pay for it. Okay, MPs can afford it. Why do you think they literary fall all over themselves come electiontime? Not because of a higher ideal. 

They want to get some money so that they can buy nyama choma (Near Dodoma) and guzzle beer.
In the morning you can drink a cold glass of milk while waiting for your scrambled eggs on toast.

To ask Tanzanians why are they refusing to eat eggs and eat meat and drink milk is insensitivity of the highest order. That, in the country where the vast majority the people live on literally nothing, but empty promises by the rulers.
Why don’t our honourables say that the people of Bongo should eat more fruit? It is healthy. I met a man from the Mbeya referral hospital He looked poorly. You could not say he was a picture of good health. One his daughters stopped near some fruit kiosk, and  "Baba, you have been told eat oranges". 

She bought two oranges for her daddy.
On enquiry the father was only suffering of lack of vitamin C. And some MPs say that Tanzanians should eat more meat, eggs and milk. 

Cruel joke!   

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