Friday, July 31, 2009

Tanesco’s sums don’t add up!

I have never claimed to be a mathematician in my life. Just did a bit of arithmetic and other things when I was little while watching all those mathemagicians ‘solve’ problems on the blackboard at school. Algebra and geometry and other things were very successful at putting me on a long snooze in class.

But last week’s sums from Tanesco simply don’t add up – and I am not that thick. You spend $6 million dollars to spruce up a company house. Then you arrange to sell that house to yourself for $60,000. Does that sound remotely fair? It sounds mad to me. But it has happened in the United Republic of Tanzania where nobody gets outraged

Energy and Minerals minister, Bill Ngeleja has sworn in Parliament that he has been unaware that the utility boss, Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) Managing Director, Idrisi Rashid has been sprucing up his residence for a paltry $6 million dollars – with the intention of buying it for a colossal sum of $60,000.

Bill swore that he heard the news for the first time in Parliament when Sumve MP, Ricky Ndassa (CCM) revealed the shocking facts that Tanesco spent the $140 million on repair of seven residences occupied by Tanesco directors. Presumably, after spending Tanesco monies to rebuild those houses they will be sold for a song to the bosses.
“These are shocking allegations. I was not aware of them. I was shocked when I heard them for the first time from the MP. I just cannot let them go like that.” Said Bill Ngeleja.

The MP, Ricky Ndassa said that the staggering expenditure was approved by the management without the knowledge of the board of directors (read: Bored of Directors). Now you instantly wonder why those board of directors are there in the first place. They are there to be ignored, I guess. And to give some guys some chow.

When contacted outside Parliament, the Tanesco boss shrugged off the MP’s allegations saying the matter was a Parliamentary affair.

Last year, Dr Rashid had said that Tanesco was facing serious financial problems and had failed to implement its strategic power development production and distribution projects.

The Tanesco boss told a workshop for MPs that the firm had been forced to increase tariffs to meet its objective to improve power supply. Tanesco needs $1.6 billion to improve power production and distribution infrastructure and systems.

It is not known what exactly has been improved in those houses which he now the bosses want to buy. Unconfirmed sources say it would definitely include jacuzzis, Olympic size swimming pools, in-house tennis court, bars and dozens of suites. The thing is are those capable of swimming in the first place? Of course the bars usually come in handy when impressing chicks. But can they swim?

Energy and Minerals minister, Bill Ngeleja has quickly adopted a pet tactic which is popular amongst Tanzanian politicians when they are caught snoozing in their offices. The government has formed a committee to investigate the scandal. If you are a student of Tanzanian affairs you immediately know that nothing tangible is going to come out of the probe team.Imetoka hiyo!

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Alecia 101 said...

haha...first i would like to say..well written..or typed.and second,it is very interesting how officials play dumb about things that are quite obvious. These are over ridiculous sums of money people are abusing. And it really makes us look bad..the stereotype that such abuse is an opportunity of a lifetime and that another would do the same will take a long time to get rid of. But as long as its still hapenning we will walk or drive past their luxurious houses and villas wondering if theres enough space for the next guy to build even more lavish ones.