Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Designer colonialism in the works?

Our is a free country, we are told. Got our independence from the Brits in 1961. Nice going it has been until now when I have noticed flashes of colonialism by other colonisers, wanting to steal the economic show in this land of ours. Designer colonialism!

Don‘t play the racist nonsense on me, because I think people of Asian origin are doing pretty fine in the re-colonisation process. They have got their hands firmly on the economy of Tanzania. They run the show. Most of the people of Bongo bitterly and loudly, resent this. But it all falls into deaf ears.

I once tried to be of ‘Asian origin’ Went to the Far East, ate plenty of pilipili. But that did not help. When I came back I asked for a loan from banks, hoping that a bit of Asia had brushed off me. I got a stiff ‘NO’. From Black Tanzanians banks demand for collateral. Things like your grand-mother’s grandmother who can write her resume in English!

All this and our politicians pretend to place agriculture on the top spot. How can you have heavy agriculture without empowering Black Tanzanians who live in Tanzania? It is just a big filthy joke!

If the government doesn’t want to do some thinking then some of us will. In every region you target Black Tanzanian clans who actually belong there. They will definitely have the land. Offer them loans to do heavy farming and monitor the results. If 60 per cent of them succeed, we are in business. They will immediately be role models of the next generation.

Right now, who is the role model for Tanzanian children? Shaileth Pragji Vithlani of the highly dubious radar, helicopter and other scandals repute?
Vithlani, who never attended the National Service in Tanzania, or elsewhere, has the distinction of equipping the Tanzanian military with everything short of soldiers. He put together military deals worth $250, with a lot of help from the Tanzanian government officials.

Maybe the country should give him a distinction as a super patriot. His main role is said to “sweeten” deals for key government functionaries. Says government official: “There is very little, if any, transparency in defense contracts because they are supposed to be matters of national national military secrets. This has provided perfect cover for corrupt practices.”

They are doing very fine, those guys of Asian origin. Right now the have reduced the Mikumi and the Selous game reserves to their personal abattoirs.

The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Shamsa Mwangunga has told the Bunge that the two game reserves were leading in rampant poaching in the country courtesy to the, wait for it – “people of Asian origin”

Those types were busy hunting Africans to sell as slaves only 150 years ago. Now they are hunting everything which moves. “Poaching activities in Morogoro Region are common particularly with people of Asian origin. They are disturbing us. They are hunting everything.” xhe said.

She said the poachers have been arrested now and then, but they are released by the cops who are up to their necks in corruption. Most of the cases have ended up in melting in police hands. Of course the police chief, Saidi Mwema could rotate the entire police squad in Morogoro, but he is too busy with other, more pressing, duties.

It seems like we, Tanzanians think that we own this country. For sure our designer colonialists know that they do!

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