Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stop the uncouth behavior in Zenj!

Zanzibaris have always prided themselves with civilized behavior spawned over centuries in a fusion of cultures where Africa met Arabia, Persia, the Far East and the rest of the word. It presently has its lawmakers, the august House of Reps to runs things in the Isles.

But what has been rapped at the House of Raps, sorry reps, a fortnight ago is anything but ‘august’. It is far from inspiring respect. You start thinking of thuggery which has run riot from some politicians’ mouths. There definitely are guys calling themselves ‘Hon Reps’ who insist of thinking with their mouths, instead of thinking with their brains.

What of this business of some bankrupt politicians in the Isles calling the Mainlanders a bunch of daylight robbers? What is this business of rapping in the House of Reps that Mainlanders are colonialists?

Some of those Isles clowning politicians usually have nothing to say (There are also some in the Bunge in Dodoma) There is nothing dangerous like politicians bereft of something to say. Said the sages of yore: “A drowning man will clutch at a serpent, just to stay afloat.”

There are such psychological types in the House of Reps who are slowly, but surely, turning it into a House of Rappers. Just how do you look at a bunch of people insulting another sector of the populace as ‘colonialists’? The rappers in the House should know that insulting other people is not their preserve only. Mainlanders, too, can Tango. But you can not dignify such rubbish from the House of Reps by insulting them back.

The guys are so desperate for the attentions of the cameras and the media in general. They like to present themselves as saviors of the Isles. Unfortunately some people in Isles listen to such nonsense.

Unfortunately even the Union leaders have started to get tired of playing ‘nanny’ to the Union. Premier Mizengo is the latest chap who is tired of the persistent rubbish over union matters spewed by some Zanzibar ‘revolutionary’ leaders.

“One day if we find irreconcilable differences we may decide to break the union, but those who are forcing us to move into that direction should first think of the people who will be mostly affected.” he said.

Trouble is that those politicians, who are busy thinking with their mouths, do not think of those who will be affected with the break up of the Union. Those monsters are thinking only of their tummies (urojo). The moments Zenj stirs they will be the first ones to bolt and hide in Dar es Salaam.

A Zenj out of the union will be weaker and open to manipulation by their clique. You can easily count them with your one hand. What we are having here are potential power usurpers masquerading as nationalist. In a divided United Republic of Tanzania, they will rule!

Presently wags in both sides of the Union, have started speculating on who will lose in the unlikely event of a break-up? That is the easy one. Both sides!

Renowned academic, who is a guru in Union matters, Prof Issa Shivji has said the break-up of Tanzania would be a major setback for a continent aspiring for unity.

“With the break-up of Tanganyika and Zanzibar Union, every African is going to suffer. African unity is more important. We will not manage in the world affairs without unity.” He has warned.

He said there was no need for the two sides to exchange bitter words, as doing so would not solve the current problems; “We should not get emotional when discussing these issues. Leaders alone cannot solve these issues. Let the wananchi discuss it, too.” He has said.

Those critical of the Union and those demanding changes, Prof Shivji said, should never forget that “it’s the people who give legitimacy to the merger”.

Quite. One hopes that those political rappers in the Isles will hold their tongues for now - and start thinking intelligently and not fly off with their mouths!

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