Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My faza zis, my maza zat!

I hear some 17 kiddies belonging to big-shots have been given jobs at the BOT. Newsrags have been saying that some watoto kisukari have been getting jobs in high places.

That doesn’t bother me – the fact sugar kids have been getting plum jobs. Everyone, including the grand vegetables, wants to have their kiddies get plum jobs.

The thing is – can they deliver? I personally doubt it. This is a naked case of nepotism in high places. It means we are nurturing mediocrity.Their only qualifications is that they speak the English language with either an English accent or are pretending to be Americans, or something else.

But having been to majuu numerous times I have met countless bums who speak English.
What these guys who have been hired by the bank should be doing is to be receptionists, that’s all. Right now they have wormed their way into the BOT and other corporations. Soon they will be our decision makers in the central bank. That will be a mega disaster!

News rags claim that 17 kiddies of big veggies have been hired by the BOT. But that is simply not true. My spies tell me that there are much more than that. They simply drop the incriminating surname. So be very careful when you meet a chick calling herself ‘Nora Joseph’ Or a Pili Hamisi. We all have our African names like Lusekelo or Nalitolela.

But then, I could have an uncle who is some minister. So you simply drop the surname. But it lasts only for awhile. Sooner or later the truth comes out. The crony system is very much alive in Tanzania. Everyone is ‘son of’ (mtoto wa…), or brother-in-law of someone (shemeji wa,,)

They are flooded in the offices in Dar. I know quite a lot of them. Fakes. And they are very good at calling so-called for press-conferences. I call it self-promotion. I think the Tanzanian media should one day hold a media meet to talk on what is really news.

I know our trade has invaded by all those phonies. Kanjanjas. But now the phonies are invading the banks. They will go into our entire system and in sometime we will have to start asking ourselves a few questions.

You just cannot run a corporation loaded with the sons and daughter of big shots simply because they are their parents offspring. This habit will blow on our faces. It might temporality look cool a kid speaking nassly speaking English but, mark my words, it will one day explode!

Of, course if I was a boss of some corporation I will do exactly that – recruit sons and daughters of the big shots. This is just an easy way to compromise them. If you hire their sons and their daughters and steal big, who will say ‘fyoko’? Who will fire you from your job?

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