Tuesday, May 5, 2009

vuta ganja!

Fight cancer, smoke ganja!

No, its’not me saying. It is some US research team which has discovered the joys of smoking week. That it kicks the backsides of cancerous cells in women’s tits.

I have always suspected that weed has therapeutic elements in humans. It has a ‘feel-good’ effect on dour men and women. Not me, of course. I tried it when I was little and I saw the heavens come down sto crash me. It was not a very good experience.

Then I tried it while in the National Service. In fact we all tried it in the National Service. It did wonders to your drill session, from 11 a.m. to 1.00 a.m.. The biggest fun was the drill sergeant used to come to our gang and smoke ganja with us, before going to bark orders at us. Left turn!, Right turn! Mark time! (makitaima!) It was most hilarious seeing him pretending to be serious on the drill grounds.

We all did weed. I would like to see all those pretenders wearing suits who would tell me that they did not do weed. That they did not smoke ganja sometimes in their lives. Maybe, like Bill Clinton, they didn’t inhale.

Ganja has been having a very bad press. It is time world governments think of de-criminalising weed. The police in Mara region waste valuable time, eti, chasing and arresting weed growers, The thing is doing wonders to the local Mara Region economy. It is a lucrative export to neighbouring Kenya. That is what I cll good neighbouriness.

Holland has done the right thing. They have legalised it. You can go in some bar and buy a beer and a joint of marijuana and blow your blues away. No hassles.

I can’t understand us. You can buy a bottle of whisky and go ahead and pulversise your liver. That is regarded as cool. All is quiet. But if you take out a joint and light up the entire police force will be pointing guns at you. Police should be fighting armed robbers and rapists, not weed smokers.

Now science is discovering that if you do a bit of weed the cancer of the tits will leave you alone. In fact a lot has been said about the joys of cannabis sativa, or weed.

Some say that it does wonders to those who wallow in sex. Some guys around the Lake Victoria area say that when they blow the stuff they work like a horse.

In Iringa Region they eat the stuff. Lovely vegetables. In war soldiers use it to stave off fear. In war, the end justifies the means. I read somewhere that soldiers would be given stuff before they go to fight.

Now it is said weed is medicinal. Maybe the police should be informed about this. Most people are not smoking ganja to get bombed or something. They are simply avoiding the spread of cancer in their bodies!

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