Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Bill thought he was the President, too"

                         The order of battle begins!

All week the fight between the rich guys, Igunga MP, Rostam ‘The shark’ Aziz and IPP boss Reggie ‘The whale’ Mengi has been in progress - to the delight to the rest of us.

Someone has accused both of having a joint conspiracy to sell their papers and hype up their media houses. It could be. One never knows. The ways of the rich guys are many. 

The shark started it. On Tuesday he waltzed through the offices of Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) and handed over a written testimony of the crimes allegedly committed by the whale. The PCCB received the dossier and it is now peacefully gathering dust in its offices.

In short, the shark was accusing the whale for his love for loans from banks. The rest of us have been asking – what’s wrong with taking loans from banks? I thought that’s the whole idea of having banks in the first place! That’s business. Sharks and whales can happily go to banks, get loans and trade.

The shark has accused the whale of getting a 28 billion loan from some bank. The shark was very touched by the fearsome amounts of the money. According to the him that dosh could build 100 brand new secondary schools to educate the poor kids of the United Republic of Tanzania. How touching. Suddenly sharks are now very sympathetic to the poor.  

But wait,one big, fat minute! How many secondary schools could the 133 billion stolen from the EPA scandal build? How many hospitals could the 40 billion shillings stolen by the Kagoda ghosts build? What about the 60 billion Dowans scandal which was about to happen? How many desks could the blatant thieving of that money stolen from radar scandal build?

How many teachers could be decently paid my monies stolen from Songas, IPTL, Deep Green rip-offs? If that money was decently used in this country, Tanzania could be calling itself a rapidly developing country!

Anyway the battle continues. The whale has now decided to counter, counter-attack. He has filed a formal suit at the High Court in Dar, demanding at least 10.5 billion/- from the shark for publishing false and defamatory statements against him through various media outlets.

The shark had accused the whale for being: “A fraudster, chronic debtor, tax evader, dishonest, uncreditworthy and an unethical businessman.”

And now the show goes to the High Court. The whale demands 10.5 billion/-in general damages and another 500 million/- in punitive damages. Some serious money that. I wonder how many secondary schools that money could build in the future. Maybe 10 universities – za nguvu!

Who knows, the whale might decide to be generous with the money, if he wins the case. So we might suggest that when he starts thinking of schools we should suggest the names. 

Arusha town could do with the University of Kambi ya Fisi. Lindi town, down south, needs a University of Chamaki Nchanga. Tukuyu town could be graced with a University of Masyabala.Tanga residents should be kicked of their lazy ways and be awarded with a University of Waja Leo. As for now - to the courts! 

                                       PASSAGE OF TIME LEAVES OUT NO ONE !!!  
                            I thought it happened only to me, 
                                  but was consoled and encouraged after receiving this, 

                                                                       RICHARD GERE  

                                                  ROGER MOORE (JAMES BOND  007)

                                                           ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER

                                                                         CLINT EASTWOOD

                                                                        ROD  STEWART

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