Wednesday, May 20, 2009


CCM campaigning for CUF?

I hear the CCM is proving to be smarter in the in-coming elections due in the Busanda constituency on Sunday. The reason is obvious enough – to split the CUF, Chadema vote. Of course the beneficiary will be CCM.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, remember? Predictably as soon as it splits the CUF, Chadema vote, the ruling party will then turn to CUF for the kill. It will paint CUF as a religion-based (Waislam) party and then hordes of Christians will recoil. Then as a coup-de-grace, the CCM will start presenting Chadema as a tribal party (Wachagga). This is done very subtly.

Just watch on-going events and you will know that is where the show is headed to. While CUF and Chadema will be busy trying to dodge the nasty accusations, some narrow minded Tanzanians will start to forget the heinous corruption accusations against the ruling party – EPA, Richmond, Tangold, Radar scandal… you name it, under the rule of the CCM.

Few can really tell if the people, who appear to be fed up to their necks on CCM alleged crimes will give another chance to the ruling party or not. Tanzanians appear to be genuinely angry at the way they are being treated by their rulers. Most say openly say that Tanzania now lacks genuine leadership.

Trouble is – what is the alternative? The Opposition is so fragmented that most Tanzanians regard them as another bunch of clowns. Nearly all parties have nothing new to say. Promises made by the CCM in the last elections are laughable - if not plainly a joke.

Most of the opposition is fraught with ego problems amongst its leaders. And, in closely watching some of the opposition show, you start smelling the hand of the CCM. There is too much clowning among the opposition politicians. Their entire line-up hardly qualifies to lead Tanzania after 2010.

For some of them to even imagine that they can grace our walls and smile their teeth off, after next years election is a pipe dream. People who have nothing to say and don’t even look good in pictures should simply belt up.

And, believe me, dear reader, voters like good looking guys. Ask Americans, Barrack O. And now even the English might give the conservative party leader, David Cameron, the leadership in Britain.

Most observers would have thought that the opposition should have concentrated on fighting for the legislature and leave the presidency alone. They obviously can’t win the presidential votes. The president, backed by the CCM/government juggernaut
will win.

Faced with that choice, the voters, might as well accept the usual khanga and t-shirts or a kilo of sugar and other insulting bribes and gnash their teeth in frustrated anger. But, in desperation voters might switch to the opposition in Busanda, like in Tarime. Remember, that is desperation.


Anonymous said...

Big up! You have nailed it. I am confused I dont like CCM but I see no part to replace them, what about CHADEMA? at least may be!

Anonymous said...

Bw Lusekelo is great to see you blogging. Welcome to citizen joirnalism : the sea of writers. If you can swim; float; bounce; jump; problem.