Friday, September 11, 2009

Madness and religious crap!

Recently some well-dressed religious types, holding bibles, went outside the Dar’s Julius Nyerere International Airport. The guys were praying and waiting to fly to Europe and the Far East to preach the gospel - minus their passports and other travel documents. They were nuts, of course!

The seventeen men, woman and an innocent child, have been sleeping rough outside the airport for days. The madmen came to the airport complete with their own luggage: “We have no passports or air tickets just our Bibles. God sent us here to go and spread his word and we are waiting to go to the areas he wishes. We will fly to different destinations.” one of them said.

Human beings are very gullible animals. That’s why there are religions, politicians and con-men. Many people are easily deceived. Millions are told and promised rubbish and they believe it.

Some of them reach a point of even committing suicide, believing that they are going to heaven. In Uganda, on March 17,2000, some murderous nut in Uganda calling himself a preacher locked his 500 followers in church and burned them to death. The murderous cult leader believed the end of the world had come.

At the end of last year, some guys in Kyela district were told –and believed – that Jesus Christ himself would land in a special Air Tanzania flight to the village of Tenende near Kyela.

The dum dums has sold their property and went to the village to wait for Jesus Christ to come and pick them up. Of the Messisah flight was cancelled (Any Time Cancelled)

In the US another cult leader, Jim Jones led his ‘flock’ of 1,200 people to their death. He decided that the end of the world was then. He made a cocktail laced with deadly cyanide and all of them died excruciating deaths. Simply madness!

The religionists are now being a pest. Near where I live there used to be a club. We used to boogie the night away decade ago. Now it has been taken over by the religionists. Their main job is, not to preach the teachings of Christ, but to frighten their followers.

They talk about witchcraft, that they can raise people from the dead, they can bring jobs, the single woman and men are told that they will get husbands and wives. Whackos are told they have devils. That the devils will be exorcised from their bodies and all such rubbish. The hilarious part of it is that the people believe that nonsense and actually pay for it.

One lady religionist once came to me while I was having a drink in a nearby watering hall. “I have watched you and God has said to me that he loves you.” The lady said.

“I know that. I love him too. He has been very nice to me.” I replied.
“God loves you and I will pray for you.”
“Here in the bar?”
“Yes I will pray for you right here.”
“No way, dada. You go to pray for me in your church.” I told her. The born-again left looking very disappointed.

I sat wondering, was the lady trying to tell me that God loves or did she simply have a crush on me?

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