Monday, September 21, 2009

Privatised Bongo in 30 years time

In the ne
xt thirty years The United Republic of Tanzania might not look like it is now We will have gone though a successive regimes and presidents. I might even contemplate to become on of those presidents myself.

For - anyone can be a president. Right now the CCM government is fiercely resisting the number one issue of the Tanzanian democracy. It does not want independent candidates – a thing which is highly undemocratic, although we claim to be building a democracy.

As it is in Tanzania, democracy is only at play when and if the CCM wins. A reason which is ludicrous. But the CCM has its freedom, even if it means slowly to strangle itself. The people of Tanzania will not forget EPA, Richmond, Kiwira coal deposts and other scandals in a hurry. Those scandals were borne and nursed by CCM and its government, none

And independent candidates are on their way – whether CCM likes it or not. I know that there are some CCM guys chafing under the guys who have bought out the CCM, not because of any higher ideal, but because they have the money. I know the good guys in the CCM resent it, but their party has been bought out by people whom polite society call ‘thugs in suits.’

CCM fears that if independent candidates are allowed the good guys in the CCM might opt to become independents, rather than be tarnished by thugs in suits.

But things will change – they will have to change! You just cannot dictate to the people of Tanzania to that extent. We have heard of politicians being booed in different fora. Those in power should know that the word ‘fisadi’ will not be out of fashion in the year 2010, elections.

If he independent candidate will enter the fray, then count my name in for president. You simply lie yourself to the top and promise Tanzanians things you will never deliver.

Now there is this selfish thing, which same call privatisation. I don’t mind privatisation – if it is done properly. Not like that joke at Kiwira coal mine. That is simply grabbing a coal mine.

I fear the next president and some minister might collude to cut out chunks of Tanzania for themselves. I wonder what the present president will fancy. Bagamoyo is a very historical town. Maybe our president, Jack Mrisho, might fancy it and say that from now on the historical town is actually his, through the Bagamoyo Heritage Company Ltd. If we want to visit it then the rest of us might pay in dollars.

Another president might fancy the Serengeti National Park and privatise it. We have to pay in dollars enter to see thw wildlife The next president might say he is in love with the Selous National Park. He will own Selous Game Park Company Ltd. and become partners with his family and girlfriends and a friendly minister of national resources and tourism.

The president of Zanzibar might say he has started the Stone Town Company Ltd. If you want to enter it, you must pay in dollars, of course. By the way I hear that the plum parts in Stone Town is slowly being bought out by the ruling class!

What will I fancy when I become the prez of the United Republic of Tanzania (If it is still there)?. Oh well, I will look at the Kilimanjaro National Park very closely.

We could privatise it and I will order that it be bought by the Roof of Africa Company Ltd. It will be owned my chick and I, of course. I will be in partnership with the then minister of natural resources and tourism.

In thirty years time Tanzanians will be owned by companies of former presidents and ministers who earlier had sworn that they will serve the country diligently and honestly, so help them God!

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