Monday, September 21, 2009

Cursed be the house niggers!

While Africa was fighting for independence in the 60’s Black people in US were fighting for their civil rights. One of the Black civil rights leaders was the legendary Malcolm X. His main fight was against those civil rights leaders who had sold out to the Whites.

These were called house niggers, because the Black house slaves ended up loving their white masters more than the master himself. Others Blacks called them ‘coconut’, because they were black outside and white inside, when you peered at their consciences.

The colonialists did the job on Blacks too. The French decided to make Black Frenchmen – the assimile. The Portuguese called them asimilados – Black Portuguese, who loved the master more than the master loved themselves.

The great Portuguese soccer legend Eusebio will not take it too kindly if you called him a Makonde from Mozambican. In the English theatre in Africa the late president of Malawi, Kamuzu Hastings Banda would kill you if you dare say he was Malawian. And even today, you might be sued like hell if you called former attorney-general of Kenya, ‘Sir’ Charles Njonjo, a house nigger.

But don’t laugh and rest on your laurels. There are guys who are remnants of the 19th century slave trade in East Africa - the house niggers of today. They love the former slave master, Arabs more than he loves himself. They don’t only love the Arabs, they think, in their twisted psyche, that they are Arabs!

They are willing to sell the lands of their ancestors to the Arabs. Just like those 19th century ‘chiefs’ sold-out to the likes of the great German thief, Karl Peters. They think it is normal to a bunch of Arabs to come to the United Republic of Tanzania and call it United Arab Emirates.

Tanzanian house niggers leased off some lands in Loliondo, in Arusha region, to their masters in return for a few pieces of silver, and trinkets like gold watches and chains. This is simply treason. You don’t swear to uphold the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania and, as commander-in-chief swear to protect the borders of this potentially great, but much abused country, only to parcel it off as some playground to some Arabs!
The area in question located within Loliondo game-controlled area (LGCA) is a territory within territory. Hired thugs of the FFU provide 24-7n security and unauthorized visits strictly forbidden. This is a Bantustanisation of the Masais. All in the name for pieces of silver and gold chains for the house niggers’ wives.

Some of us find it very insulting for Tanzanian house niggers to sign off their country like that. We don’t want our country to be called United Arab Emirates, just like the Arabs would understandably not want their country to be called Tanzania. You simply wonder what next to this insult – that alll Tanzanian men and women submit to be wives for the Arabs. If loliondo can be called Arabiya, then let the whole country be called that and we will be bowing before the king of UAR. The slave mentality seems to be deeply ingrained in us.

Okay, let’s be a bit democratic. All those Tanzanian clowns who feel that they want to be slaves of the Arabs should be allowed to go there yesterday and live happily with their masters.
The deal for the Arab colonialist was struck in 1992, that they infringe our territorial rights for 10 years. Now it is 2009. Has another deal, from 2002 to date, been struck by our hungry house niggers to humiliate Tanzanians in their own country? When will they just get out of our country? This land belongs to Tanzanians, not Arabian colonialist and their mad, local house niggers, who will sell their own mothers for a few pieces of silver!

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