Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What the opposition should fight

I watch the opposition forces in Tanzania with great pity. They are presently busy flailing away at the constant political jabs from the ruling state-party, the mighty CCM, and are slowly getting punch-drunk. They are waiting for next year’s general elections and think that miracles will happen then. Mawe!

For example CCM’s secretary general, Joe Makamba has just taunted Tanzanians that he sees no substantial threats from opposition parties in the forthcoming civic elections. If that happens, then naturally CCM will win the parliamentary and presidential elections, he says.

Joe has a point. I would also say that, if I had the backing of the state juggernaut supporting me. He has also started using the magic word, kishindo (landslide) again after what happened in 2005.

But everyone knows that those landslides are not natural or home grown. You don’t need the dreaded El Nino rains to get such political landslides. In our countries they usually occur with a lot of help from human beings. The landslides in most African elections are man-made.

What the opposition should do is monitor those landslides and remove the causes. Some think that the pressure to the rulers is not enough. CUF recently had a rally to demand for an independent Electoral Commission. That should be louder.

There are also demands for independent candidates to contest the next elections. But that is being denied by the government. Our rulers are insisting on taking part in a football match and being the ref at the same time. Just take out your dictionary and check-out the word ‘dictate’ and you get a rough idea of those landslides.

But the opposition is partly to blame. Going for elections next year, is simply playing and endorsement of those who love the word ‘dictate’. You tie one hand of your opponent and invite him for a fair fight. That can not be so. It’s just no contest.

The opposition is also misreading the political terrain of Bongo. They should know that, like any people in this world, Tanzanians want change. First most of the people of Bongo want the CCM out, yesterday. This is simply because the ruling party has nothing new to say. But then, what is the alternative?

I hastily add that the opposition also has nothing new to say. Maybe Chadema has been making some right and credible noises to its listeners. Few of us even understand what the other parties stand for. Unity of the opposition remains as elusive as ever.

This leaves the CCM rubbing their hands in glee. They can throw all those damaging blows at will to the opposition. When it comes to CUF, the CCM throws a constant stream of punches that CUF is a religious-based (Islamic) party. This causes other political forces to recoil in horror.

When it comes to Chadema, the CCM propaganda machine drops heavy hints that it is a tribal party. TPL is branded as Gus Mrema’s personal party. Few of us really know what NCCR is up to.

This is plain to see that without unity the rulers for life of the opposition parties will only dream of the political power in Tanzania.
Change should also apply to the opposition. As it is now, it looks like the leadership of the opposition parties not only run, but also owns those parties. This running of political fiefdoms and calling them political parties for more than a decade simply won’t wash



The situation just makes me sad!:-(

Baba Sangara said...

Great Piece Mr Lusekelo! Let's hope "the opposition" will read it and perhaps understand!