Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is the madness going to continue?

I read a mad statement from the Immigration Services Department that the government will this year stop issuing working permits to foreigners engaging in petty businesses reserved for locals.

Immigration services spokesman Abdi Ijimbo, said that foreigners are only allowed to invest in major businesses requiring huge capital.

Indeed. Do asking for a permit to come and sell plastic flowers in Tanzania need huge capital? Or do you need to call the selling of soap, toys and other knick-knack ‘major businesses?

The insult to the people of Tanzania continues unabated. Tanzanians cannot sell soap and other junk coming from the Far East, more than 40 per cent of it is plain junk and fakes.

The scandal at the immigration department has long been around, and as usual, no one has been caught. It doesn’t sound tough to me. All you have to do is to find who signed for a Chinaman or anyone from the Far East come to sell plastic flowers in Tanzania.

Now I know that most of the ruling party has sold off and been bought by the rich guys with money. They are currently busy trying to sweep the muck under the carpet. Trouble is the mound of pooh to be swept under the carpet is too big. The whole Tanzania house now stinks of fresh pooh. You have to have a mega-cold not to smell the stench.

It it now so country-wide and everyone is partaking in the looting. How can an Immigration man allow foreigners come to sell toy flowers to Tanzanians? Worse, once the Far East smart alecs, bring in their junk, they go into slave practice.

They hire young Tanzanian men ad women to walk from bar to bar to sell their stupid junk for them. The kids call what they are doing ‘a promotion’ for their junk. Slavery behind closed doors, if you ask me.

Who, in the first place, even imagines that Tanzania belongs to every tom,dick and hamisi – except, that is, Tanzanians themselves. Believe me dear reader, some thugs are just selling our country from our very feet right now. I think I could do with a bit of anger. Tanzanian should learn not to take crap from anyone including the government itself.

The immigration department is a government department. So has it been allowing in toy sellers from the Far East with government consent. Because if that is the case, then we might as well put up the entire country for sale.

It seems that the business of running the country has overwhelmed us. Let’s put it up for sale to the big powers. After all the second scrabble for Africa is in progress.

He first scramble for Africa had the Brits, Germans , French and the Belgians. The reasons are the same – Africa’s vast resources.

In round two of the scramble we have new entrants – India, China and maybe Brazil. Our ‘sons of Africa’ now in their air-conditioned offices are selling this country now. They are selling everything.

In 560 years rich Tanzanians will be going to China to see the lions and there might be wilderbeest migrations, not in the Serengeti, but in Uttar Pradesh region in India. The Africans will have sold their entire continent for whisky and shangingis!

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