Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eating crap for Christmas!

Predictably the season goes with plenty of eating of eating and drinking – good stuff, and mostly crap.

At least that’s what Tanzanian’s Food and Drugs Authority (TDFA) boss, Maggie Ndomondo-Sigonda seems to say. Her set-up has impounded 14,032 tins, weighing 452.09 kilogrammes of junk being sold as food.

Maggie said the junk was discovered in 28 shops in Kinondoni, 25 Ilala and 12 in Temeke in the Asia’s junkyard of Dar es Salaam. The stuff came as infant milk and has been dubiously increasing in the market in recent years. “We also discovered various items that were unfit for human consumption.” She added.

The junk was labeled in foreign languages which is neither English or Kiswahili, thus making it difficult to identify their origin. Which reinforces the arrogance which the smugglers have. What next – tinned shit from abroad?

Poor fellows, eager to join the ‘middle class’ are duped by the junk when they see pictures of the bouncy babies on the tins. They think if they buy and feed their totos with the junk, they with be bonnie looking like in the pictures! Which is a load of rubbish, of course.

The mothers are, in fact, poisoning their babies. I have read some research somewhere, feeding your bambino with such poisons might result into creating a hermaphrodite being. The result could be girls getting moustaces in puberty – or boys growing tits!

But to the young mother she thinks she looks cool, feeding her bambino with tinned shit. Wameuchinja!

Selling stuff which is unfit for human consumption is attempted murder. If someone attempts to give poison to someone in a local eatery, that is considered as criminal. What about if someone sells poison in a shop, branded as some infant formula, isn’t that attempted murder?

The TFDA boss, Maggie Ndomondo-Sigonda has given us a few figures of he illegal tinned shit her firm has impounded. What I can’t understand is she never said anything about people arrested for selling that stuff?

Surely there tins did not find themselves stacked in those Kinondoni, Temeke and Ilala shops, all by accident. They were bought, stacked and displayed in those shops by criminal people. Have there been any arrests? What are the punks selling the poisons to Tanzanians, to be fed to Tanzanian babies, charged with?

Or, it could be the shopkeepers ran away once they saw Maggie and her troops? It is easy to tell that this racket has been going on for ages and the guys getting bolder – poisoning Tanzanians at will. Any convictions for attempted murder Maggie? I think Tanzanians should be told.

Just for general information – China recently executed two top officials of the Chinese government firm which okayed the adding of poisonous substances in its infant formula.

But that is China. Punishment is never in our culture in the United Republic of Tanzania. Unless, that is you stole a chicken over Christmas. Then you are dead! Merry Christmas!

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