Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beat bus fares – walk!

Millions are disgusted by the recently bus fare hikes which have been rammed down our throats. Being a born optimist I have tried to look at positive side of the rising prices of fuel and the knock-on effect it has on the transport sector. I can see none, of course.

If you tickle the transport sector you tickle almost everything. Food goes up. The rising fuel price has made life hell for most of us. Even watching girls go by is getting to be quite expensive. If you give her the glad eye she tells will you she would love a fancy cell-phone.

You go: “Hi baby. How are you doing? How about a drink?”
“Nokia, thanks.” She replies.
Confused, you ask: “Did you say ‘no thanks’ or something?”
“I said ‘Nokia thanks. I don’t want a drink I would love a Nokia phone.” She tells you before you hastily flee to save your pocket from utter ruin.

The fuel price rises have even raised the costs of socialising. Now we consumers, mainly in Dar, have to pay for the stuff coming from the hinterland.

What I have been doing is making some counter-measures to make my life liveable. I have become a minimalist. You only buy what you need. In food I have almost become a vegan. Veggies are the stars in my diet. But it seems the vegetable producers have sent spies out to check on the consumption of vegetables. It is increasing. So the veggie producers have upped the prices of their product.

I am not a foody myself. You should eat only when you are hungry and only enough to live on. Don’t treat your body as a garbage dump. Red meat is definitely out. Only eat chicken and fish. But their prices are through the roof. So you buy them when celebrating New Year. So chicken and fish will be enjoyed in the New Year. Inshallah!

I don’t actually go to work. I work from my bedroom. This cuts costs of commuting. Why use two thousand a day in the hassle of jumping on and off daladalas in different parts of Dar es Salaam when you can text stories using your cell-phone? The late Chinese leader, Deng Xiao-Ping said: “It matters not if the cat is black or what, provided it catches the mouse.”

The way we are going on I fear the government might impose tax on breathing in our country. So I take deep gulps of fresh air every morning – just is case. You never know with governments. They have a tendency to impose impossible taxes on their citizens and lie to them that that is ‘development’ and the economy is growing.

Fuel prices and bus fare hikes. No daladala rides so maybe we should opt to exercising. Walking.

Actually we should walk more. It is good for the heart, researchers say. It also stimulates the blood circulation, gives you a feeling of well being, and makes you bloody tired!

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