Saturday, June 6, 2009

They eat too much while we starve!

The so-called rich countries are having problems – they eat too much. You go to their supermarkets and you pity the guys. Eti, there is a thing called low-fat yoghurt. Mgando.

They talk of lean meats and a bewildering array of products which are designed to keep you thin. Apparently they have even sneaked into our system to believe that a thin woman is beautiful. You find thin women talking about the ‘English figure’ Nonsense of course!

I want my baby to be as big as a tank. I want to be the tank commander. So she can eat all the stuff she wants. But it seems that the rich countries up north are having eating problems. They can’t keep their mouths shut.

They eat while they work, they eat while they are watching junk on telly, they eat while they are travelling and they eat even while they are worrying! I think they eat while making love!

But not us. In fact we hardly eat. Go around Bongo and ask anyone who has had three meals a day. Maybe the prez and a few government leaders who never pay for their meals. The rest of us survive on a meal a day and maybe drop in a snack here and there, if you are in the habit of attending seminars,workshops and all those eating gatherings.

I call them eating gatherings because I have seen few fruits from such meetings. But they do nutritional wonders to most of the participants. A week of a seminar at Ngurdoto Lodge in Arusha can restore a DC’s health.

There is a minister who has visibly changed since the prez, Jack Mrisho made her minister. I guess it is the endless ‘eating thing’ You eat things you don’t pay for. You ride cars you never dreamt of and you tour places you have never dreamt of at government expense. What more can a guy want?

So the whole game is about eating. Me? My maxim remains what I read when I was little – eat only when you are hungry. I think the animals are far superior than us in this.

A lion will hunt only when he and Mrs lioness are hungry. After that an antelope will pass under his nose and he won’t bother. But we humanoids eat too much.

You see a fat slob stuffing chocolate into her or his face and he thinks it is cool. It is just not cool! Maybe we should learn from animals. But we should not emulate the leopard. Leopards behave like African politicians. They want everything for themselves.

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