Monday, June 22, 2009

Run! The cops are coming!

Hey what’s happening here? Police say they have caught 5 cops who have been in partnership with some civilian bandits to commit acts of banditry in the different parts of the city.

The cops say they holding in the lam, five cops who are working in tandem with common bandits to spread fear all over the city. They are said to have a large crime network.

Now one wonders - who will save us civvies from the cops? In the days of yore one used to feel safe when one saw a cop or two on the beat. Not anymore. You simply melt to the backstreet and hope you don’t meet a kibaka who will gladly hold you up with screw-driver on your face.

Both alternatives are terrifying enough. But an unholy alliance between cops and vibakas is just too ghastly to contemplate! When a kibaka ambushes you, he will hold a screw-driver on your nose and order you to pay money, or else! Since you want to save your nose from being drilled, you pay up.

If a bandit cop ambushes you and arrests you claiming that he has caught you with ganja, cocaine and all that dangerous stuff, what then? Then he orders you to pay up or face charges and ruination to your rep. You don’t want trouble, so you pay up.

The vast majority of people of Bongo don’t even know their human rights. You could be wrongly arrested. Instead of suing the bandit cop for that, you are only too happy to be released. You are supposed to sue the bloody thug in uniform, just like we would like the thugs in suits to be charged for unarmed robbery in the name of the people of Bongo.

Cops have also been caught trying to steal from the, believe it or not, the police. At least two were planning to steal some cocaine and heroine from Kilwa station where they are being impounded and stored as evidence. The two cops got a bit creative. They wanted the drugs worth, 176 million. The idea was to re-cycle the drugs back to the streets. Recycled cocaine, courteousy to the Tanzanian police. They got nabbed.

Which brings in another question – where do the impounded drugs go to, after being submitted as evidence? In other countries the nasty drugs are publicly burned and civilians are invited to watch the show.

But in Tanzania the drugs simply melt away. I shudder to think that there may be some cops at in the anti-narc squad who are actually drug peddlers. If there are, then who will save us from the cops?

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