Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sophia runs away with her mouth!

Lovely times. The general population has been beyond themselves in the on-going game of powers shortage. Instead of getting electricity and power we have been getting plenty of hot air from an assortment of clowns masquerading as politicians.
While different government departments have been playing ping-pong on the electricity games, others have started hallucinating. Just the day before yesterday, the Prez Jack Mrisho, complained that he does not get enough support from foreigners in his struggle against grand graft, except the Brits and their Serious Fraud Unit, his inappropriately called minister of good governance, Sophia Simba has sworn that there is nothing with thosassociated with high doubtful deeds including high graft.
Sophia finds former attorney General Andy Chenge, squeaky clean. The minister of inappropriately called ‘good governance’ has been embattled for quite some time. But one thing one would say one admires is that she can utter some untruths without batting a lid. That is the Almighty Lord’s greatest gift to womanhood. I mean, how would you take this maza, when she goes before Mzee Mwinyi tribunal and say that all those CCM hero MP who refuse to be manipulated by the moneyed rich guys in the party are themselves fisadis?

She defended chief suspects, Rostam Aziz, Ted Lowassa, Nizar Karamagi, Andy Chenge among others, as the angels in the midst of the Tanzania society. Which is rubbish, of course. The minister of the inappropriately called ‘good governance’ is simply trying to insult the intelligence of the Tanzania people. If she was some sort of a comedienne, we would have applauded her sense of humour and even have called for an encore.
But this? I mean just where do they manufacture such types up to the point they are picked,eti, as ministers? The farce is also very cheap. It reminds one when we were in primary boarding school. There were always scraps among students. The unwritten law was never to separate the combatants, until we knew who got a really decisive thumping.
Usually the one who was ‘getting it’ would start fighting dirty - stones, sand on the face, grabbing of the balls down there, gouging of eyes. A drowning person will always clutch at a serpent - the sages of yore correctly said. Now is maza drowning? If not, why is she playing dirty by referring to Anne Kilango’s married life? That Aunt Anne married Mzee Malecela because she thought he was going to be president and naturally, she would be first lady.
That when Mzee Malecela did not achieve power, Aunt Anne vengefully turned her focus into a fisadi hunter in the party. What if Aunt Anne turned the tables on the inappropriately named ‘minister for good governance’ and asked her who is her husband or husbands? How many kids has she been blessed with? Same baba? Could she furnish Tanzanians with her academic background? I think those quick mouthed politicians should know this before they engage their mouths – people in glass houses should not throw stones! For, can they withstand the counter attack?

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks Adam,this goes all-the way back to Light-touch articles[1970's].About this Sakata,first of all this Good Gorvernance Ministry need to be abolished,cause its a badden to tax payers.Country got all those bad contracts TRC,and other companies infront of the GG ministry watch,so GG is the source of TRl and other companies problems.Leader's remember people trusted yall,and trust is like virginity when is gone is gone forever,fullfill your duties with honest,because the day will come for you to answer the hard questions.