Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Incompetent DCs to face the the music

I hear that Premier Mizengo Pinda is pissed off with some of the work of his DC’s. That if they fail to distribute fertilizer and other inputs in their respective areas this season DCs are going to face the music.

“Frankly speaking the government is not going to accept such irresponsibility. It is grave mistake and culprits will be taken to task.” The PM said in his recent tour in Rukwa Region.

I wonder why the PM wants to play DJ to the district commissioners now. The incompetence started since uhuru, when the rulers started giving out the posts of district and regional governors are rewards from the bwana mkubwa.

The premier was apparently referring to reports to of\ alleged massive theft of agricultural worth over 5bn/- shillings in Rukwa Region through the voucher system..

Mr Pinda said timely delivery of inputs under supervision of district
distribution committee, could have catapulted harvests of food and cash crops this season.

Rukwa is among the top four regions leading on the production of food
crops particularly maize in the country. Others are Mbeya, Iringa and
Ruvuma regions.

What beats the rest of us is why don’t our rulers fire those incompetents?. Kick them out? For one, those guys are mere thieves specializing on stealing from the wananchi. They just happen to have found themselves in those positions. Due to either knowing the top honcho or just his buddies.

When our rulers points a warning finger at them and there is no sign of punishment the rest of us wananchi exchange significant looks and wait for our turn to steal and get away with literary anything.

And thus it is going to be when there is crime without any retribution as it presently in Tanzania. At independence regional and district commissioner could at least read and write a report. After we have done wonders to our education system and reading has been made a luxury for the few we are now paying dearly for it.

Mr. Pinda and our rulers should understand that to return to the standards we used to have will be an uphill task and I doubt if that is achievable today or in the near future. But if it’s finger wagging which they are doing then that is quite pleasant and funny. And no one gets hurt!

Today, the change of regional and district commissioner comes after elections. Watch the end of this elections. All the failed politicians in districts and regions. They are going to be dumped in the regions as ‘commissioners’. Which is unfair. You cannot let a bunch of buddies, girlfriends and relatives run the country – eti governors.
This is not a democracy it has gotten to be a dynasty. So when PM Mizengo Pinda sees waster and grabbing going on, he should not blame the rest of us. The rulers should blame themselves

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